Message from Green Island Mayor Ellen M. McNulty-Ryan

Welcome to Green Island, New York

Our village is unique in that it couples the benefits of a close-knit, value oriented community with the richness of industry. Our history shows that we have always been at the forefront of economic growth. Green Island was once home to locomotive and railroad manufacturing plants as well as a Ford Motor Company manufacturing plant. Even though many years have passed since they were operational, Green Island continues to be a village of economic and cultural prosperity.

Today the Green Island Power Authority owns and operates a hydroelectric power plant on the Hudson River, underscoring our commitment to social responsibility by supplying clean, environmentally friendly power. Our Village's Industrial Business Park provides many opportunities for growing businesses, making Green Island the essential location for development, while our close knit community makes Green Island the ideal location to live and raise a family.

Here at Green Island, you can find a home, a community, and a future.


Green Island Honors It’s Veterans Ceremony

Please join us for a brief ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Monument located under the Collar City Bridge on the corner of Market and George Streets on Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 11 a.m. The ceremony will posthumously honor the memory of two deserving Vietnam War veterans, Garrett Hartshorn and Garrett Schnapp, that were recently found to be eligible for inclusion on the monument. Family members, friends and public officials with be there for the unveiling of their names etched into the stone facing. All are welcome and encouraged to attend and honor these two individuals for their service to our Country.

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The Village of Green Island will sponsor the “GREEN ISLAND FAMILY PICNIC” to be held on Sunday, September 23rd from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Paine Street Park.

Included will be many different food vendors. The Green Island Little League will be serving hot dogs & hamburgers, MacMurray & Sons will have the much anticipated “French Fry” bowls, fried dough and sno-cones and the Bourgeois’ will be selling their famous clam chowder. In addition to lots of yummy food, we will have face painting, balloon animals, a bouncy bounce and a fun crafts table. The Green Island Seniors will be selling gorgeous MUMS for $10.00. Heatly PTO and Catskill Hudson Bank and SCRUFF will have information booths on site.

Musical entertainment will be provided by “Hands of Time”.

Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan will recognize Village Employees Robert Foster and Bob Bourgeois for their 30 years of service to our community at 1:00 p.m.

Our 4th Annual Kickball Game against the Green Island Police Department will start at approximately 12:30 p.m.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Department is bringing the “Safe Kids RV”. This is the perfect opportunity to get your child registered in the County database. Every child that registers will receive an identification card.

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NYSDOT I-787 (Menands to Tibbits Avenue) Project Information

Weather permitting, DOT is scheduled to begin nighttime paving operations along the Menands to Green Island (south of Tibbits Avenue to Menands) section of I-787 (including the interchange ramps along this section) on Monday, September 17th. In order to avoid disruptions to traffic flows in this busy corridor, the pavement work will be progressed between 6 PM and 6 AM. On Monday through Friday nights, there will be mainline single lane closures from 6 PM to 10 PM and double-lane closures from 10 PM to 6 AM. Ramp closures (and signed detours) will be in effect between 10 PM and 6 AM on Monday through Thursday nights and will not begin until September 27th. Please note that the closures will only take place in the areas or on the ramps where work is taking place at any given time, they will not be in force “end to end” for the duration of the project.

They expect that this work will take approximately five weeks, until Wednesday, October 31st. We
will let you know if DOT advises us of significant schedule changes due to weather or other
unanticipated conditions encountered in the field.

Please note that the Cohoes Boulevard (north of Tibbits Avenue through Cohoes) project is occurring simultaneously. We will also post updates on that project as they are given to us.

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Notice of Black Bridge Trail Construction

Paving and concrete work will occur on the Black Bridge Trail starting tomorrow through Friday and resuming the week of September 10th. The parking area will be closed during paving. The trail will remain open during this time but please watch for signage in the area.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

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Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan, Assemblymember John McDonald, Director of Recreation Maggie Alix, local officials and anxious Green Island residents both young and old officially opened the new playground located in the Paine Street Park at a ceremony held this morning.

The new playground was built using a $125,000 Legislative Initiative Grant made possible by Assemblyman John McDonald and replaces another that was in existence in the park since 1993.
Assemblymember John T. McDonald III said, “I am proud to support and to have provided the legislative grant for the new Paine Street Park playground. Investing in our playgrounds and parks is an investment in our children and families, providing a place to play, enjoy the outdoors, and engage with one another. This new playground is for all users and features ADA accessibility and meets safety standards ensuring that the public is protected. Thank you to the Village of Green Island and Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan for all of your efforts on this project.”

Mayor McNulty-Ryan also acknowledged the efforts of Parks and Recreation Director Maggie Alix for her efforts as grant administrator and project manager. McNulty-Ryan stated, “Maggie Alix has worked diligently on this project for a few years and made what started as a dream now become reality. Thank you to her and John McDonald for their leadership on this great community project.”

Maggie Alix added, “I am extremely grateful to Assemblymember John McDonald and Village Officials for providing the opportunity to create a new playground in Green Island. The Paine Street Park is a safe and fun place for children. I am looking forward to watching the children play, spread laughter and most of all create memories.”

Construction History of the Paine Street Park

1939: A committee was formed to inquire about the purchase of property for a new park. The two block area (as it sits now) was purchased by the Village from Mr. S. DeStefano. Houses were torn down and the park was built with playground equipment, wading pool, restrooms, tennis and basketball courts.
1975: Extensive improvements with new modern equipment and a fence around just the playground area were made. The remainder of the park remained without fencing.
1993: A $250,000 makeover with fencing around the entire park; resurfacing and restriping of basketball courts, new basketball hoops and one additional court added, giving us three; ice rink (north of basketball courts) and wading pool; new “stadium type” lighting with underground wiring on courts and rink and enhanced lighting throughout park; installed large, new playground equipment; installed new benches and added picnic tables throughout the park.
2008: A 20’W X 40’L X 10’H pavilion was constructed in the former ice rink area of the park with picnic tables added underneath. The $30,100 project was partially funded with a $25,000 grant from Albany County with the Village share being the remainder.
2013: With a very generous $200,000 donation from Green Island resident lottery winners John and Lynda Kutey, in honor of their parents Edmund and Gertrude Ostrowski and Joseph and Mercedes Kutey, a new, modern Spray Park was built to replace the old wading pool that needed serious repairs and was many years outdated. Jim Besha, Sr. and his company, Albany Engineering, donated the design engineering for the project which was dedicated on July 1, 2013.
2018: A modern and compliant playground was purchased and constructed with $125,000 in Legislative Initiative Grant funding sponsored by New York State Assemblymember John McDonald. The new playground was officially opened on August 17, 2018.
Construction history of the Paine Street Park from the 1976 Green Island Bicentennial Book (Present day 1993 through 2018 material based on recollection and records).

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Heatly School Parking and Traffic Procedures

In an effort to keep our children safe, beginning the first day of school and on all days that school is in session the Green Island Police Department will be enforcing parking and traffic flow procedures in the area of Heatly School.

Vehicle traffic traveling EAST on ARCH STREET between George Street and Hudson Avenue will be CLOSED from 7:15 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. It will also be closed at any time that school is dismissed early. Traffic will be allowed traveling WEST on ARCH STREET. In addition, the crosswalk pattern at Hudson Avenue and Arch Street has changed. Due to federal regulations, the crosswalk on the south side of Hudson Avenue has been removed. The other two (2) will remain as is.

Those dropping off students with vehicles must look closely at parking signs in front of school. Drivers must not leave their vehicles while parked in the area marked by signs in front of school. Double parking is also not allowed. Please drop off children at the sidewalk and in a timely fashion so as to keep traffic flowing at busy times. Those that must leave their vehicles must park in a legal parking place down the street or around the corner from school.

We ask that you follow these simple rules and please listen to our Crossing Guard and Police Officers. This will make for a better and safer drop off area for our children. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

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WHEN: Friday, August 17, 2018 at 11:00 AM

WHERE: Paine Street Park, 200 Paine Street, Green Island, New York 12183

WHAT: Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan, Assemblyman John McDonald, Director of Recreation Maggie Alix, local officials and anxious Green Island residents both young and old will be on hand to officially open the new playground, which is located in the Paine Street Park. The new playground was built using a $125,000 Legislative Initiative Grant made possible by Assemblyman John McDonald and replaces another that was in existence in the park since the 1993. Mayor McNulty-Ryan will also acknowledge the efforts of Parks and Recreation Director Maggie Alix for her efforts as grant administrator and project manager.

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Notice of Water Rate Increase


Due to the unforeseen number of water breaks and failure of one of our water pumps at the plant that have occurred over the past year, as well as the ongoing reduction of water usage by customers that effect sales, our Water Department fund has incurred serious and costly debt that will affect our rates immediately. As a result, the Village Board of Trustees has reluctantly approved an increase of 50% in the water rates effective with the billing of November 1, 2018. This is only the eighth rate increase since the Village purchased the water system over sixty-five years ago and the first increase in over ten years. In order to continue serving our customers with high quality water, as in the past, and meeting operating expenses, it is necessary to raise the water rates. The rate increase is essential to the continued operation and maintenance of our water service. GREEN ISLAND CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE THAT SEWER RATES WILL NOT CHANGE (MAPLEWOOD CUSTOMERS ARE ON TOWN OF COLONIE SEWER).

It is important for property owners, particularly those who do not reside on the property, to inform their tenants of the increase in rates and to ask the tenants cooperation in promptly reporting any water leaks, no matter how small they may be. The water meters are read at three-month intervals and in that period of time, a small leak, even a slight drip, can result in a very high bill. It is also suggested that property owners read their own meters several times during the three-month period so they may detect any unusual use of water.

Below is an outline of the new water rates. If you have any questions, please call the Village Office at 273-2201.



?” Meter First 1,000 cu. ft. or less $70.25 (minimum charge)
Next 24,000 cu. ft. 49.34 per 1,000 cu. ft.
Over 25,000 cu. ft. 36.53 per 1,000 cu. ft.

¾” Meter First 1,250 cu. ft. or less $87.98 (minimum charge)
Next 23,750 cu. ft. 49.34 per 1,000 cu. ft.
Over 25,000 cu. ft. 36.53 per 1,000 cu. ft.
1” Meter First 2,250 cu. ft. $158.18 (minimum charge)
Next 22,750 cu. ft. 49.34 per 1,000 cu. ft.
Over 25,000 cu. ft. 36.53 per 1,000 cu. ft.

1 ½” Meter First 4,250 cu. ft. $298.68 (minimum charge)
Next 20,750 cu. ft. 49.34 per 1,000 cu. ft.
Over 25,000 cu. ft. 36.53 per 1,000 cu. ft.

2” Meter First 7,000 cu. ft. $491.70 (minimum charge)
Next 18,000 cu. ft. 49.34 per 1,000 cu. ft.
Over 25,000 cu. ft. 36.53 per 1,000 cu. ft.

3” Meter First 13,300 cu. ft. $934.20 (minimum charge)
Next 11,700 cu. ft. 49.34 per 1,000 cu. ft.
Over 25,000 cu. ft. 36.53 per 1,000 cu. ft.

4” Meter First 22,500 cu. ft. $1,580.24 (minimum charge)
Next 2,500 cu. ft. 49.34 per 1,000 cu. ft.
Over 25,000 cu. ft. 36.53 per 1,000 cu. ft.


Sprinkler System with Meter $ 70.25 per quarter
Sprinkler System without Meter $128.87 per quarter
Private Fire Hydrant $182.64per quarter
Public Fire Hydrant (Maplewood) $227.76 per quarter


5/8 “ Meter $121.70
¾” Meter $179.13
1” Meter $243.38
1 ½” Meter $382.47
2” Meter $521.55


Flat Rate $15.08 per 1,000 cu. ft. (minimum charge)




THEREOF ½ of 1 %


EFFECTIVE – November 1, 2018 Billing

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Pet Waste Stations installed on Cannon Street

Please note that our DPW has installed two new pet waste stations on Cannon Street that were awarded to us through a grant from the Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District. They will be installing two more near the Black Bridge and two others on Cohoes Avenue in the near future. Please look for them and use them if you are walking your pets in that area.

It is also a good time to remind all pet owners that they are responsible for picking up their pet waste anywhere in the Village, whether or not an official waste station is available where they walk. The Village has a “pooper scooper law” that is enforced and has resulted in fines of up to $250 for unlawful pet owners. Please bring a bag with you when walking your pet, simply clean up after them and dispose when you get home. Your neighbors thank you for your cooperation.

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George Street Crosswalk Painting on Monday and Tuesday

Department of Public Works crews from Albany County with assistance from Green Island will be painting George Street crosswalks on Monday (7/9) and Tuesday (7/10) of next week. Expect delays and detours from 6:30 am to 12 noon each day. The workers will begin at the north end of George Street (at Tibbits) and work their way south to Lafayette Street over the course of the two days. Please drive carefully or avoid the area altogether. Thank you for your cooperation.

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