Message from Green Island Mayor Ellen M. McNulty-Ryan

Welcome to Green Island, New York

Our village is unique in that it couples the benefits of a close-knit, value oriented community with the richness of industry. Our history shows that we have always been at the forefront of economic growth. Green Island was once home to locomotive and railroad manufacturing plants as well as a Ford Motor Company manufacturing plant. Even though many years have passed since they were operational, Green Island continues to be a village of economic and cultural prosperity.

Today the Green Island Power Authority owns and operates a hydroelectric power plant on the Hudson River, underscoring our commitment to social responsibility by supplying clean, environmentally friendly power. Our Village's Industrial Business Park provides many opportunities for growing businesses, making Green Island the essential location for development, while our close knit community makes Green Island the ideal location to live and raise a family.

Here at Green Island, you can find a home, a community, and a future.


Notice of Sewer Rate Increase

This information will be mailed to every customer with the May 2016 billing:

The Village Board of Trustees has approved an increase in our sewer rates effective with the August 2016 billing. This is the first rate increase since the Village upgraded the sewer system thirty nine (39) years ago.  The rate will increase from a flat rate of $7.54 per 1000 cubic feet to $15.08 per 1000 cubic feet of metered water usage. To put that in dollars and cents, for the average residential user of 10,000 cubic feet annually it will cost an additional $75.40 per year.

Please note that for decades our sewer rates have been the lowest by far of what DEC refers to as the “Albany Pool”, a group of communities along the Hudson River with similar sewer structures. Even with this increase we still remain the lowest.

The rate change is solely attributed to two issues, 1) a recent agreement with DEC and the “Albany Pool Communities” to make mandated and expensive changes to our operations to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act, and 2) a very large reduction of metered flow from our largest industrial customer, Lydall, due to decreased production.

Since residential sewer usage is measured by metered water usage, it is important for property owners, particularly those who do not reside in the property, to inform their tenants of the increase in rates and to ask the tenants cooperation in promptly reporting any water leaks, no matter how small they may be. The water meters are read at three-month intervals and in that period of time, a small leak, even a slight drip, can result in a very high water and sewer bill.  It is also suggested that property owners read their own meters several times during the three-month period so they may detect any unusual use of water.

If you have any questions, please call the Village Office at 273-2201.

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2015 Annual Water Quality Report

To comply with State regulations, the Village of Green Island annually issues a report in May describing the quality of your drinking water during the previous year. The purpose of this report is to raise your understanding of drinking water and awareness of the need to protect our drinking water sources. Please click on Green Island Annual Water Quality Report 2015 to view.

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Over the last few weeks our office has been contacted by concerned residents that have been solicited by email, phone, door to door and US Mail about such items as bail money for a relative they know, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), utility insurance, gas and electricity suppliers, contractors and even the Nigerian Bank scam. Even though some of these may be legitimate businesses (the Nigerian Bank is not, bail money is normally not legit, IRS does not solicit information by phone), we advise you to never give personal information out to anyone by email, mail or phone unless they have been checked out as legitimate.  Do not answer your door unless that they have proper identification with them and it is visible.  Any person soliciting a product or service door to door must also have a permit from the Village Clerk’s office with them at all times. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to immediately report it to our Police Department by calling 9-1-1. They have no objection coming and checking on your home or business. You can also check out websites for scam prevention information and tips from the Better Business Bureau at or the NYS Consumer Protection Board at   Both sites have a “scam alert” button on their home page.

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Fire Chief Robert Bourgeois is alerting all residents to the current New York State burn ban which will run through May 15th. Exceptions will be made for those that are cooking on a grill provided that the flame is no higher than 6” from the burner source and the cooking grill is equipped with an attached fire proof cover. All other fires are banned during this time. Chief Bourgeois stated, “We are at a very critical time over the next few weeks where the Spring conditions in place now with a dry atmosphere including low humidity and wind put us at the highest risk of fire. We need to do whatever we can to alleviate that risk, which is why I am emphasizing the ban on all outdoor fires.”  Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan added, “Green Island is a community where many of the homes are located in close proximity to each other and the risk of fire from backyard burning during these dry times is too great to allow it to happen. I commend Chief Bourgeois for recognizing this and making the decision to reinforce the ban.” Bourgeois has also stated that even after May 15th he will extend this ban on burning during any period in the future in which the National Weather Service has issued a “Red Flag” fire advisory for Eastern Albany County. As always, in case of emergency dial 9-1-1 immediately. Other suggestions from Chief Bourgeois: 1. Those cooking should never leave the grill unattended. 2. Make sure the grill is a safe distance away from your home, deck railings or other structures that can ignite. 3. If the grill flame flares up, try to safely close the cover to smother the flame. 4. Have a source such as a fire extinguisher or baking soda ready to extinguish the grill in case it flares up and out of control (do not use water on a cooking fire). 5. Keep the garden hose ready and nearby in case a structure is accidently ignited while cooking (and call 9-1-1).

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Honeywell to Close Parking Lot to Public

Honeywell has informed us that due to insurance and liability concerns they will close their Tibbits Avenue (at High Street) parking lot to the public on April 1st. All vehicles and other personal items must be removed from the lot by that time or it will be towed or otherwise removed.

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Green Island Senior Citizens hosting Spaghetti Dinner in honor of the late Michael A. Cocca, Sr.

The Green Island Senior Citizens are hosting a Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, March 12th from 4:00pm-6:30pm, in honor of our late Deputy Mayor Michael A. Cocca, Sr. There is lots going on this weekend, so if you don’t have time to stay and eat, they will have take out available and they will deliver (within Green Island). Dinners are $10 and include spaghetti, meatballs, salad, Italian bread, & dessert. Call the Seniors (272-7262) to make reservations, or to place an order for takeout/delivery. Walk-ins are always welcome! The Senior Citizens Center is located at 5 George Street in Green Island.

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Sex Offender Registry

The Green Island Police Department and the New York State Department of Criminal Justice want residents to know who is living in our neighborhoods. One tool that they have provided, for information purposes only, is the sex offender registry. A link is provided below to sign up and be able to obtain information related to sex offenders living in our area.

NYS Sex Offender Registry Website

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Officer Steven Barker Promoted to the Rank of Sergeant

The Village of Green Island is proud to announce the promotion of Police Officer Steven Barker to the rank of Patrol Sergeant on Tuesday, January 19, 2016.

Sergeant Barker has served with the Green Island Police Department for the last 5 years. During his tenure Sergeant Barker has served in his full capacity as a Patrol Officer and has served as ‘point man’ on several projects, many of them self-initiated. He is highly regarded among his peers as a natural born leader and will continue to be a great asset to our department.

Sgt Barker promotion 1-19-16

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Green Island Police Department Drug Tip Line

Please note the following Green Island Police Department telephone numbers for your records. They have added an anonymous “DRUG TIP LINE” number to call that goes directly to our Green Island Police Station and you can leave a message with the information. Only Chief Parker and Officer Perfetti will have access to this line and they will determine how to handle the information. It is an anonymous line, but if you are comfortable leaving your name and number, it may be helpful if either need more information. Either way, we need your eyes and ears to pass along anything you encounter that seems not quite right. Don’t worry if it turns out to be nothing. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. The “DRUG TIP LINE” number is 655-7971.





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UPDATE-Water Break has been fixed

UPDATE-This break is now fixed without interruption. Thank you for your patience.

Due to an emergency water break repair in front of 4 George Street a water shut off effecting the south end of the Village will occur starting at 10:45 am for about one hour. There will be no water from Lafayette Street and south. This may also cause some traffic issues near the Green Island Bridge. Please contact the Village Office at 273-2201 with any questions. Please contact 9-1-1 if you have an emergency.


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