Message from Green Island Mayor Ellen M. McNulty-Ryan

Welcome to Green Island, New York

Our village is unique in that it couples the benefits of a close-knit, value oriented community with the richness of industry. Our history shows that we have always been at the forefront of economic growth. Green Island was once home to locomotive and railroad manufacturing plants as well as a Ford Motor Company manufacturing plant. Even though many years have passed since they were operational, Green Island continues to be a village of economic and cultural prosperity.

Today the Green Island Power Authority owns and operates a hydroelectric power plant on the Hudson River, underscoring our commitment to social responsibility by supplying clean, environmentally friendly power. Our Village's Industrial Business Park provides many opportunities for growing businesses, making Green Island the essential location for development, while our close knit community makes Green Island the ideal location to live and raise a family.

Here at Green Island, you can find a home, a community, and a future.


Notice from DOT: Work to begin on I-787/Cohoes Boulevard Project on March 25th

From NYSDOT: As you have probably noticed, the Cohoes Blvd project is gearing up to start and we wanted to provide everyone with an update. Starting the week of 3/25 you can expect non-peak lane closures on Route 787 from Tibbets Ave to New Courtland/Route 32. Typical times to expect closures will be Northbound Route 787 from 4am to 2pm; Monday thru Friday and Southbound closures will be 9am to 7pm, Monday thru Friday. We also plan to shift traffic into the shoulder and right lanes and close the median and Left lanes in order to complete the median portion of the work. This will also begin next week and last about 2 months and the traffic shift will be continuous for the duration 24/7. Once completed traffic will shift back to normal and the work will all be primarily on the shoulders. Throughout you can still expect the above mentioned lane closures. Starting on the week of 4/1 we also plan to work at night from 8pm until 6am to do embankment work, this will go on for about 4 weeks, so crews will be working around the clock. This work will only take place Monday thru Friday. Looking ahead to this summer, we will be having a series of weekend shutdowns at the Intersections of Dyke Ave, Ontario St and Bridge Ave. This is to install precast panels for the new raised intersections. Each of these intersections will be shut down for at least 2 weekends, one for NB and one for SB. Detours will be signed. We plan on sending out the exact schedule of this once the dates can be confirmed. We will send this schedule out well ahead of any closures so that you can adjust and plan accordingly as this work will probably be the biggest impact to most of the emergency services as well as the travelling public. Pedestrian access will be maintained thru the intersections for this work. There will continue to be more nightwork throughout the season as well. And very likely work occurring on weekends other than the closures as well. As the project progresses we will inform you of any other relevant updates.

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Forty Two Years Ago…….Green Island Bridge Collapses…..National News Story

Forty two years ago, on March 15, 1977 (“The Ides of March”), the collapse of the Green Island Bridge made the national news. At about 2:25 pm that day, New York Telephone Company employees Bill McLaughlin and Larry Marinucci, Green Island native Rob Bouchey and a few others heard loud noises and realizing that the bridge was collapsing, sprung into action. They quickly stopped traffic from going on the bridge and were credited with saving many lives. They were later honored by local officials afterward for their actions. Soon afterward, one span fell off and collapsed into the Hudson River. Five hours later, at around 7pm, the 85 foot west tower collapsed into the river as well. The collapse was blamed on old age and high waters from Spring runoff and 2.7 inches of rain the weekend prior. It was amazing that nobody was hurt as the bridge carried over 22,000 vehicles per day at that time. The collapse affected life in the Village for several years as we were isolated from downtown Troy. The present bridge was opened on September 12, 1981 and it cost $23,000,000 to build. Click on link to see rare video of the bridge taken shortly after the collapse:

Green Island Bridge Collapse March 15, 1977

*Information was compiled from media reports

Green Island Bridge headline in Record 3-16-77 Green Island Bridge postcard 3-15-1977

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Chief Bourgeois Warns Residents of New York State Burn Ban through May 15th

Fire Chief Robert Bourgeois is alerting all residents to the New York State burn ban which will run through May 15th. Exceptions will be made for those that are cooking on a grill provided that the flame is no higher than 6” from the burner source and the cooking grill is equipped with an attached fire proof cover. All other fires are banned during this time. Chief Bourgeois stated, “We are at a very critical time over the next few weeks where the Spring conditions in place now with a dry atmosphere including low humidity and wind put us at the highest risk of fire. We need to do whatever we can to alleviate that risk, which is why I am emphasizing the ban on all outdoor fires.” Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan added, “Green Island is a community where many of the homes are located in close proximity to each other and the risk of fire from backyard burning during these dry times is too great to allow it to happen. I commend Chief Bourgeois for recognizing this and making the decision to reinforce the ban.” Bourgeois has also stated that even after May 15th he will extend this ban on burning during any period in the future in which the National Weather Service has issued a “Red Flag” fire advisory for Eastern Albany County. As always, in case of emergency dial 9-1-1 immediately. Other suggestions from Chief Bourgeois: 1. Those cooking should never leave the grill unattended. 2. Make sure the grill is a safe distance away from your home, deck railings or other structures that can ignite. 3. If the grill flame flares up, try to safely close the cover to smother the flame. 4. Have a source such as a fire extinguisher or baking soda ready to extinguish the grill in case it flares up and out of control (do not use water on a cooking fire). 5. Keep the garden hose ready and nearby in case a structure is accidently ignited while cooking (and call 9-1-1).

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County Executive Dan McCoy Announces State of the County Listening Tour coming to Green Island

 Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy today announced his eighth State of the County Listening Tour, providing village residents with an opportunity to ask their questions on the issues most important to them and their neighbors. He will be speaking in Green Island on Monday, March 18, 2019, at 5:30 pm, at the Green Island Municipal Center for the event hosted by Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan and the Village Board, Town Supervisor Rachel Perfetti and the Town Council and Albany County Legislator Sean Ward. County Executive McCoy will discuss the financial strength of the county, the progress being made and some of the newest initiatives that will continue improving the lives of those from the entire County and specifically Green Island.

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Special IDA Board Meeting

There will be a Special Meeting of the Village of Green Island Industrial Development Agency to be held on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 4:15 p.m. in the 2nd floor conference room of the Green Island Village Offices, 20 Clinton Street, Green Island, New York 12183. The purpose of the meeting is to set the administration fee for the Starbuck Island Project.

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Service Interuption Due to Water Break

UPDATE: The line has been fixed and water has been restored as of 2:45 pm. Thank you to Water Department staff and contractors for working in tough conditions and also to the customers for your patience.

Green Island residents and businesses:

Due to a water break, all service will be shut off immediately from Lafayette Street and south.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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Presidents Day Holiday

The Village, Town and GIPA Offices and the Department of Publics Works and GIPA garages will be closed on Monday, February 18, 2019 in observance of the Presidents Day holiday.

The Police, Fire and Water/Sewer Departments will be open as usual.

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No Snow Emergency; DPW pushing snow back in areas that move their cars; please clean sidewalks and near fire hydrants

Although an all out emergency hasn’t been called, if residents move their vehicles our DPW crews will be able to plow back to the curb which will open up parking places around the Village. Please remember that tenants and owners are responsible for sidewalks that must be clear of ice and snow within 24 hours after the storm (by Thursday morning). We also ask that when shoveling, take the time to clear the area around fire hydrants near you so that our fire department can access them in an emergency. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

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Town Court cancelled for February 12th

Due to the inclement weather, the Green Island Town Court for February 12, 2019, has been cancelled. Please contact the Town Office at 518-273-0661 for any additional information or to reschedule.

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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED PROJECT Notice is hereby given that a public hearing pursuant to Section 859-a(2) of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York (the “Act”), will be held by the Village of Green Island Industrial Development Agency (the “Agency”), on the 12th day of February, 2019 at 4:00 p.m., in the Green Island Municipal Center located at 19 George Street in the Village of Green Island, Albany County, New York, in connection with the following matter: South Island Apartments, LLC (the “Company”) has presented an application (the “Application”), on behalf of itself and entities formed or to be formed on its behalf, to the Agency, a copy of which was presented at this meeting and copies of which are on file at the office of the Agency, requesting that the Agency consider undertaking a project (the “Project”) for the benefit of the Company and/or entities formed or to be formed on its behalf, said Project consisting of the following: (A)(1) the acquisition of a leasehold interest in approximately 11.26 acres of land located on 1 Osgood Avenue in the Village of Green Island, Albany County, New York (identified as tax parcels: #33.09-1-1, #33.09-1-3, #33.09-1-2.1, #33.09-1-2.2 and #33.09-1-4) (the “Land”); (2) construction on the Land of four (4) residential buildings and one (1) commercial mixed use building to include a bank, restaurant and/or other retail businesses (collectively, the “Facility”), and (3) the acquisition and installation therein and thereon of various machinery, equipment, furnishings and other items of tangible personal property, including sewer and water improvements (the “Equipment”) (the Land, the Facility and the Equipment being collectively referred to as the “Project Facility”); (B) the granting of certain other “financial assistance” (within the meaning of Section 854(14) of the New York State General Municipal Law) with respect to the foregoing, including potential exemptions from transfer taxes, mortgage recording taxes (subject to certain statutory limitations), real property taxes (only with respect to the residential component of the Project Facility) and sales and use taxes (the “Financial Assistance”); and (C) the lease (with an obligation to purchase) the Project Facility to the Company. The Company will be the initial owner of the Project Facility. The Agency is considering whether to (A) undertake the Project, and (B) provide certain exemptions from taxation with respect to the Project, including exemptions from certain (1) sales and use taxes, (2) real estate transfer taxes on any real estate transfers with respect to the Project, (3) mortgage recording taxes with respect to certain documents to be recorded by the Agency in the Office of the County Clerk of Albany County, New York (subject to applicable statutory limitations), and (4) real property taxes (but not including special assessment and ad valorem levies), subject to the obligation of the Company to make certain payments in lieu of taxes with respect to the Project Facility. A copy of the application filed by the Company with the Agency with respect to the Project, including an analysis of the costs and benefits of the Project, is available for public inspection during business hours at the offices of the Agency located at 20 Clinton Street, Green Island, New York 12183. The Agency will at said time and place hear all persons with views on the nature of the proposed Project and the granting of Financial Assistance with respect thereto.

Dated: January 28, 2019


By: /s/ RACHEL A. PERFETTI Chairperson

Visit the Starbuck Island Application page for additional information

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