Message from Green Island Mayor Ellen M. McNulty-Ryan

Welcome to Green Island, New York

Our village is unique in that it couples the benefits of a close-knit, value oriented community with the richness of industry. Our history shows that we have always been at the forefront of economic growth. Green Island was once home to locomotive and railroad manufacturing plants as well as a Ford Motor Company manufacturing plant. Even though many years have passed since they were operational, Green Island continues to be a village of economic and cultural prosperity.

Today the Green Island Power Authority owns and operates a hydroelectric power plant on the Hudson River, underscoring our commitment to social responsibility by supplying clean, environmentally friendly power. Our Village's Industrial Business Park provides many opportunities for growing businesses, making Green Island the essential location for development, while our close knit community makes Green Island the ideal location to live and raise a family.

Here at Green Island, you can find a home, a community, and a future.


Notice of Water Interruption on Monday

Water service will be interrupted in the north end of the Village, from Arch Street to Tibbits Avenue, on Monday morning from 9:00am to approximately 12 noon due to the necessary repair of a major water valve. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Please contact the Water Department at 273-4959 if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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Traffic Alert: Area Accelerated Paving Projects Set to Begin Soon

Paving is set to begin on Hoosick Street and Route 787. Construction on a $3.07 million project to repave Hoosick Street (Route 7) in Troy and Route 787 in Cohoes is scheduled to start next week.

The project will pave Route 787 in Cohoes from Tibbits Avenue near Green Island to Saratoga Street (Route 32) in Cohoes and Hoosick Street (Route 7) from 8th Street in Troy to Hillcrest Avenue in the Town of Brunswick.

Paving on the 1.8-mile stretch of Route 787 is scheduled to begin next week and continue through early October. Route 787 work will largely occur during weekday daytime hours using off-peak lane closures. Three Saturday daytime work sessions are also expected to occur. Both directions of Route 787 will remain open at all times, and all properties in the area will remain accessible for emergency vehicles.

Sidewalk work on Hoosick Street in Troy is scheduled to begin the week of Sept. 14, with paving of this 1.6-mile stretch to follow. Work will continue into November. To minimize impacts to traffic, all milling and paving on Hoosick Street will occur between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Work on sidewalks may have isolated impacts to traffic between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Otherwise, all lanes on Hoosick Street will be open during daytime hours during NYSDOT’s work, and all properties in the area will remain accessible for emergency vehicles. Work on Hoosick Street will include installing sidewalk ramps to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The City of Troy also is performing a project on Hoosick Street to adjust drainage gates and manhole covers ahead of NYSDOT’s pavement resurfacing.

The contractor for this project is Rifenburg Construction, Inc., of Troy.

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Warning: Stop Signs and other Traffic and Parking Issues

We have received complaints recently about vehicles speeding and not stopping and/or rolling through stop signs. The complaints have been targeted at intersections on both Swan and Bleecker Streets but are not limited to those areas. Please be aware that the Green Island Police Department will be adding traffic enforcement details to those and other areas around the Village to assure the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles. When on the details, officers will also be on the lookout for all traffic infractions including speeding, seatbelts and improper use of cellular or other mobile devices. They have also received complaints about parking recently and will be enforcing infractions including but not limited to parking in front of fire hydrants, in crosswalks, bus stops and also parking the wrong way on a two way street. Safety is of the utmost importance and while nobody likes enforcement action, it sometimes becomes necessary. Please abide by the laws so that we can remain a safe community. Your cooperation is appreciated by all.

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Mayor, County Executive and Local Officials Ask For Help to Green Island Homeowners Facing High Flood Insurance Rates

At a news conference yesterday, Green Island Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy, Assemblyman John McDonald III, Albany County Legislature Deputy Majority Leader Sean Ward and Albany County Legislature Chairman Shawn Morse called on state and federal officials to help Green lsland residents facing significant increases in flood insurance through policies issued by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

McCoy, McNulty-Ryan and the elected officials are calling for an updated hydrological study of the Upper Hudson River immediately to determine the actual potential flooding impact. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which administers the NFIP, utilized a range of data sources for the recent revisions that may not accurately represent more recent peak flow data and the effect of additional flood mitigation measures on flood control.

“The people of Green Island and those in other river communities including Menands, Watervliet and Cohoes need relief,” said McCoy. “The high cost of flood insurance is another burden people face and we need the state to work with municipalities like Green Island to get the best information to update the flood maps so they reflect actual conditions in the village.”

“Flood insurance premiums are one of the biggest burdens homeowners in the Green Island have faced recently, even more so than taxes,” said Green Island Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan. ”Recent changes to the National Flood Insurance Program over the last couple of years have made it unaffordable and have deflated home values in our Village. This is despite the fact that the residential area of Green Island has not experienced a flood since 1936. We need relief now. Thank you to County Executive Dan McCoy and our State and Federal leaders that have pledged to help with our plight. The future of our community is at stake.”

As of April 1, the National Flood Insurance Program increased premiums in high risk areas, such as Green Island, by as much as 25 percent. Since much of it is located in an area mapped as a special flood hazard area subject to inundation by the 1% annual chance flood, homeowners with mortgages must purchase the insurance and face high premiums. The average premium has increased dramatically and the cost can be prohibitive to those on a fixed income. Due to recent changes, several lenders are now requiring insurance with full replacement value, which means higher premiums. Right now, homeowners in Green Island pay as much as $3,500 for flood insurance despite the fact there has not been any flooding of a residential property in the village since 1936. In fact, since 1979, residents of the village have paid the highest premiums in the county despite filing amongst the fewest number of claims.

“I commend the County Executive for calling light to this issue,” said Shawn Morse, Chairman of the Albany County Legislature.  “The Federal Government needs to reflect the changes along the upper Hudson in their maps so that residents can get some relief.”

“I find it troubling that the community of Green Island and many other communities in this area are still under the old version of the flood maps which play a critical role in the overall flood insurance premiums. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is under severe financial duress due to the significant volume of claims over the past several years as a result of the intensity and frequency of what used to be 100 year storms. Thanks to a coordinated effort at the Federal level, premium increases will not rise as quickly as originally planned however the increases are significant nonetheless. This has been an ongoing effort over several years due to the lack of FEMA funding to finish the updated maps. FEMA is the lead agency on floodplain mapping and sets flood insurance prices in accordance with federal laws. For these communities, it is critical that the flood maps be updated as soon as possible to reflect fair premiums,” said Assemblymember John T. McDonald III (D-Cohoes). “This year the legislature and the Governor included funding in the state budget for the NYS Canal Corporation to conduct a larger analysis of areas prone to flooding along the Upper Hudson River. This study will play a role in conducting a hydrology study which is essential for properly completing the flood maps. I will continue to advocate for greater funds if needed to ensure this project is seen through to completion. As a former Mayor, I share the concerns of Mayor McNulty and County Executive McCoy. Addressing the outdated flood maps will play a role in stabilizing, if not reducing, insurance premiums which will allow longtime residents to continue to make the community their home.”

“As the current President of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators I understand how important it is for homeowners to have affordable flood insurance available to them,” stated Senator Neil D. Breslin. “The issue of how to make flood insurance more widely available and affordable has been at the forefront of our discussions both here in New York and on a national level as well. Congress and FEMA originally intended the NFIP funded with premiums collected from policyholders rather than with tax dollars. Unfortunately this has not been the case because the NFIP cannot do some things that private insurers do to manage their risks. NFIP is not structured to build a capital surplus, cannot reject high-risk applicants and is subject to statutory limits of rate increases. Simply put premium rates do not reflect actual flood risk.   Additionally, repetitive loss properties, while representing only about 1 percent of the policies, account for 25 – 30 percent of all claims. It is critical that FEMA take the necessary steps to ensure that premiums are more reflective of flood risks so that the residents of Green Island and similar communities are not in a situation where they are forced from their homes.”


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Green Island Fire Department Engine 1320 Is Now In Service

GREEN ISLAND, August 11, 2015: The Green Island Fire Department has welcomed a new piece of emergency equipment to their fleet as of today. The Village purchased a 2015 International/Spartan ERV Commercial Fire Engine and it has recently been delivered and is now ready for duty.

This piece of equipment replaces Ladder 1 which has been taken out of service due to its age. Green Island and Watervliet shared on the purchase of a new ladder truck in 2009 which serves both communities and is housed in Watervliet. That apparatus has responded to all Green Island fire calls since its purchase.

Fire Chief Bob Bourgeois states, “Placing this new apparatus in service is the culmination of almost a two year project. It also proves the dedication to public safety that the Mayor and Village Board abide to. We are replacing a vehicle that has served us well, but is 30 years old. This new apparatus should serve the residents of the Village of Green Island for many years to come”.

Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan added, “The safety of those that serve our community is of the utmost importance to me, as well as the members of our Village Board. The new Engine 1320 that we unveil today replaces an old 30 year old piece of equipment that has long passed its period of probable usefulness. We are sad to see it go but we look forward to this beautiful new vehicle serving us for many, many years.”

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Michael A. Cocca, Sr. Community Center

At the regular meeting of the Village of Green Island Board of Trustees held on Monday, July 20, 2015, it was unanimously approved that the Green Island Community Center (former Italian Fraternal Society of Green Island) at 5 George Street be renamed the Michael A. Cocca, Sr. Community Center in honor of his memory and his contributions to that building, our community and our Country.

Mr. Cocca was a United States Navy veteran, serving our Country valiantly during World War II, and receiving many honors for his service and heroism. He was a longtime member of the Italian Fraternal Society and was involved when the “Italian Club” was built and subsequently dedicated on November 2, 1963. He remained active with the Italian Club throughout its existence there, including time as President, and was the key player with the Italian Club and as Deputy Mayor of the Village, in the transaction when the Village purchased the building from the Italian Fraternal Society in 2006. His longtime involvement with the Green Island Senior Citizens, which occupies the Community Center, as former Chairman of the Board of Directors and as Board member until he passed away solidifies why the building should be named in his honor. Mike’s involvement with the building through the Italian Club, Village Board and Senior Citizens will be long remembered along with his brave service to Green Island and the United States of America.

An official dedication service will be planned in the near future.

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Tri City Valleycats Street Team at the Paine Street Park

Southpaw at Paine St Park 7-30-15 Tri City Valleycats Street Team at Paine St Park 7-30-15

Lots of fun at the Paine Street Park this morning as the Tri City Valleycats Street Team showed up to play some games with our kids. Thank you to Southpaw and the team for an enjoyable day. Just a reminder that tonight is “Green Island Night” at the Joe as the Valleycats take on West Virginia at 7pm. A few tickets are still available by calling Maggie Alix at 273-2201 or they can be purchased at the Stadium tonight.

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Village Office closed

The Village Office will be closed Wednesday, July 8th, from 9:30am-11:30am, so that staff may attend Michael Cocca Sr’s funeral.

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Independence Day Closures

The Village, Town and GIPA Offices will be closed on Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day (4th of July). The DPW and GIPA Garages will also be closed. All will reopen on Monday, July 6th. The Police, Fire and Water Departments will all operate on regular schedules.

Please be safe and enjoy the weekend!


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GIG concert location change

Tonight’s GIG concert with the Swing Docs will be held under the Collar City bridge due to inclement weather.

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